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    If You would like to register a project based on Noder Acces Control solution please fill following questionary.
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    • What will be the place of the system installation?

      Will it be an object with multiple locations?

      If yes, how many locations it will be?

    • How many employees/users will be at system (per location)?
    • How many employees/users will be at whole system (per system)?
    • Is the access control system already installed at the site?

      If yes, what kind of ACS is already installed (manufacturer, type, etc)?

      If yes, what type is RFID standard is use (Unique, Mifare, HID, etc)?

      If yes, how many doors are under ACS management?

    • Please choose type and number of passages (per location):
      One-sided access control passages:

      Two-sided access control passages:
    • What is the way to block the door? (per location)
      Electro catchElectromagnetic jumperOther

      If other, what it will be?

    • Will some readers be exposed to weather conditions like rain, snow, low temperature, etc. (per location)

      If yes, how many readers will it be?

    • Will there be elevators in the building that will require ACS protection (per location)?

      If yes, what kind of elevators will be installed (manufacturer, type, etc)?

      If yes, how many of elevators will be installed?

      If yes, how many floors will support?

    • How many hours ACS has to work on battery after power failure?
    • Standard passage in access control should be based on:
      CardsTagsPINBluetoothNFCBiometricFace recognitionFingerprintRetina
    • Additional requirements for the system, e.g. entry to the car park, etc.?

      If yes, please describe them

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