Installation and user manual of NODER Mobile Access mobile app

  1. Installing the NODER Mobile Access app
  2. NFC settings
  3. Adding a new card
  4. Card reading
  5. App settings
  6. Card removing

1. Installing the NODER Mobile Access app

Search the Play store for the app “NODER Mobile Access” or use the link: NODER Access Mobile.

Then install the application by clicking the “Install” button.

2. NFC settings

After installing and launching the application, if NFC is not enabled the user will see a message at the bottom of the start screen:

Turn on NFC in system settings to use the application.

You need to enable NFC in the device settings:

If the NFC module is properly activated then the message will immediately disappear from the start screen.

3. Adding new card

To register a card in the system, go to the “CARDS” tab.

On the bottom right, click on the add card button: .

Enter the 20-character activation code received from the Administrator and press the "SEND" button.

After a few seconds, the card will be downloaded to the device and you will be automatically switched to the CARDS view (virtual wallet).

The card contains such information as:

  • name of the company to which the card belongs
  • card number that will be authorized in the Access Control System
  • virtual card expiration date
  • current card validity status (the correct status is “Active”)

To return to the start screen, press “START” in the tabs, or swipe right across the screen.

4. Card reading

To read the virtual card on the NODER Access Control reader, you need to put the mobile device to the reader and wait for the light signaling on the reader. Correct reading of the virtual card is also signaled on the start screen of the application by the icon . The card can be read again only when the device is moved away and reattached to the reader. The icon only signals the fact that the card was read correctly on the reader. Next virtual card number is sent to the controller, which decides whether to grant access or not according to the local database, then signals the result on the reader (green – access granted, 3 x red – access denied).

No virtual card or an expired card is displayed on the main screen of the program as the following icon:

5. App settings

To enter the application settings, select “SETTINGS” from the tab bar.

1. Enable/disable notification of incoming card expiration.

2. Enable/disable card authorization when the screen is locked. Except that if the reader forces the phone to be unlocked, the option has a lower priority and the phone must always be unlocked.

3. When phone needs to be unlocked vibratie three times for specified time period.

4. Set the vibration time after successful reading of the PAC on the reader.

5. Set the period after which the card will be read again.


6.Card removing


To remove a card, go to the “CARDS” tab, then click the “Remove” button on the selected card:

The next step is to confirm the card remove operation:

v1.1 2023-09-27