Parking space occupancy detection system


The NODER parking space occupancy system is based on ultrasonic sensors integrated with RGB LEDs and IP controllers. The sensors, which will be mounted over each parking space, allow for unambiguous determination of the presence of a given vehicle, as well as for real-time information about the status of a given parking space (free, occupied, reserved for guest, disabled, etc.) directly on the sensor and for the owner or operator of the parking lot through the visualization system. What a sample parking map looks like is shown in the graphic below.

NODER parking systems, visualisation of parking space occupancy


NODER Parking logo ciemne Check out other components of NODER Parking occupancy visualization system:

The sensor uses ultrasonic technology to detect the status of a parking space and then controls the LED accordingly to display the correct color and inform the driver where the vacant parking space is. The hubs connecting the sensors have four independent RS-485 communication buses and controller allows data exchange with the sensors directly from the management system via TCP/IP protocol.

parking occupancy control


  • permanent marking of handicapped spaces with blue color
  • display of the number of free parking spaces on RGB LED boards
  • displaying the number of free/occupied and parking space occupancy statistics in the management software
  • assigning any content on LED boards
  • automatic display of predefined alarm messages on all LED boards
  • integration of an external system for visitors’ avocation (e.g. after Rest API)
  • blocking of parking spaces (e.g. according to a schedule or for a specific period of time) and alerting security if a vehicle is parked

The parking space occupancy system cooperates with the NODER access control system and the license plate recognition system and LED boards. Thus enabling, among other things:

  • At the entrance to the parking lot, displaying on the LDO-1 LED boards the number of the parking space reserved for the access control user and recognized from the LPR video analytics
  • Displaying on LED boards the number of free parking spaces / for a particular company / group of authorizations from the access control system
  • To block entry to the parking lot when the limit of vehicles for a given company or group of authorizations has been exhausted, along with informing the LED boards of this fact so that no further vehicles enter.

In order to facilitate the calculation of current requirements for the parking system, we have prepared a calculator for selecting the appropriate size of batteries for the designed parking occupancy system.

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